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Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar, has visited the Special Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljača

Minister Lončar has said that this institution is unique in the world since it has a special part devoted to the rehabilitation of the youngest patients. Draga Prokopić, journalist: While visiting the Special Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljača, and the reconstructed Children’s Ward, Mr Zlatibor Lončar has pointed out that this is a big day for Serbian health and Serbian spas, especially for Banja Koviljača.

Mr Zlatibor Lončar, Health Minister: This is a unique thing in the world that we have everything separate for children. You have seen the capacities of one hundred beds intended for children and the accompanying person. In addition to being admitted here, the children will be provided with everything necessary to have a successful therapy in this building. There won t be any reasons for them to be together with other patients treated in this spa.

Aleksandar Jokić, director of the Special Hospital: with 5 million dinars the Ministry of Health has helped the equipment of the Children's Ward, while the Special Hospital allocated 15 million dinars for the completion of the third phase of reconstruction, so now we have this ward as unique in the country, established 27 years ago together with the specialized medical staff. The accommodation capacity includes rooms with bathrooms, kitchenettes, TV and the Internet. Children will be able to come here starting from tomorrow. All children coming here for treatment with their parents who come with a referral from the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia will be treated without being charged. These are the latest treatment and rehabilitation conditions, with the accommodation which definitely do not exist anywhere else in the country. And we, as you know, cooperate not only with the Serbian Government through the line ministry, but also with the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the Government of district of Tuzla.  

It has been announced at the Special Hospital today that, with the support of the Serbian Government, National Property Directorate and the city of Loznica, all old buildings of this natural health resort with 158 year-old tradition will be renovated.

Mr Vidoje Petrović, mayor of Loznica: we will follow the message written at the entrance that the power of a waterfall lies in many drops working together. We are witnesses that it really is the principle. It is the principle in this institution, thank God. And it will continue to live in the city of course, and to be more practiced in our entire lovely Republic of Serbia.  

Special Rehabilitation Hospital Banja Koviljača admits around 17.000 patients a year, coming from the country and abroad, and has the annual revenue of around 5 million euros.
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