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Ministers Vulin and Lončar and the Mayor Mali have opened a new building of the Social Work Centre, RF PDI, NHIF and NES in Obrenovac

A new building of the Social Work Centre has been opened today in Obrenovac, replacing the old one destroyed in the floods in 2014, and the Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Issues Aleksandar Vulin has pointed out that it has been the first facility for social care opened in the last 30 years.

The new building in the Street sesta 10c, of 845 square meters, will host the offices of the National Pension and Disability Insurance Fund (PDI), National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), National Employment Service (NES) and the Labour Inspectorate.

The opening of the new building of the Social Work Centre in Obrenovac was attended by Minister Zlatibor Lončar, Mayor of the City of Belgrade Siniša Mali, and Mayor of the municipality of Obrenovac Mr Miroslav Čučković.

Mr Vulin has pointed out that it is the first time to apply this new concept – that all are at one place which saves time and space.

"The government has decided for the first time to strengthen the social care", Mr Vulin has aid adding that in the next period it will be the practice everywhere.

Mr Vulin says that this facility marks the completion of the social infrastructure reconstruction process in Obrenovac.

Minister points out that the PDIF provided 13 million dinars, NES provided seven million and five million were provided by the NHIF.

"Now the citizens of Obrenovac have the entire system at one place and can finish all their tasks within one building. The practice of going from one counter desk to another is over. Wherever we can we will do the same", Mr Vulin points out.

He has added that the citizens don’t care about which authority something is, but about how to finish what’s necessary as soon and easy as they can.  

Mr Vulin has sad that the PDI is expected to open a medical expertise office in this building as well so that the citizens would not have to come to Belgrade for this purpose.  

"We have promised not to forget Obrenovac and as you can see, we haven’t”, Mr Vulin has pointed out.

Minister Lončar has said that there is only one building in Obrenovac left to be reconstructed after the floods and that it will be finished soon, and that everything has been finished with no scandals or affairs, which should be an example and model for everything which is done by the Government.

He has also pointed out that the government has fulfilled all its promise when it comes to the construction of new buildings which hosts the Social Work Centre in Obrenovac.

Mr Lončar has said that the government, together with the local self-government, has successfully renewed Obrenovac.

"Everything’s done transparently”, Mr Lončar has said.

When speaking about the new building today eh has said that a good thing is that everything is at one place.

"We are using all opportunities to act in a similar way”, Mr Lončar has said.

Belgrade Mayor Mr Mali has said that Obrenovac has changed a lot now becoming a city of the future, and not of the past, since numerous investments and projects have been initiated, such as the construction of “Mei ta” factory.

Mr Mali has said that the new factory “Mei ta” will employ 1.400 people, which would be a new picture of Obrenovac.

He has said that the new city government takes care of the citizens of Belgrade wherever they live, no matter if it was in Terazije, Obrenovac or Grocka or other suburban areas.

"All Belgrade citizens must have equal life conditions”, Mr Mali has said adding that they must have social and health care, water supply and sewerage system, which is the policy which the city will not give up on.

"That is our obligation, policy and strategy of development of the City of Belgrade”, Mayor has added.

The facility of the Social Work Centre of Belgrade for the department in Obrenovac was destroyed in the floods two years ago, devastating the offices of the NHIF and PDI as well.

Following the needs of the users, as well as due to the economic reasons, a decision was made to construct a new facility hosting all the three institutions, including also the NES and Labour Inspectorate, where the citizens of Obrenovac will be able to finish all their tasks from the scope of these institutions at one place.

Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Issues has allocated around 37.5 million dinars for the construction of the part of the facility covering 420 square meters, and the total value of the facility is 63 million dinars without the VAT.

Among those who were present at the opening, there were the director of the NPDIF, Ms Dragana Kalinović, acting director of the NHIF Ms Verica Lazić, head of the NPDIF office Mr Branislav Mitrović, head of the NHIF office Mr Velimir Miličić, deputy heat of the NES Mr Dragan Sikimić, head of the City Social Work Centre Belgrade Mr Vladimir Ilić and the head of the Labour Inspectorate Mr Bojan Jocić.
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