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Mr Lončar: European standards for all health institutions

Works on the reconstruction of the ward at the Institute of Mother and Child "Dr Vukan Čupić", funded by the spouses Ilinka and Đuro Trifunivić from Kikinda, have been completed and the Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar has said that the present conditions correspond to the European standards for modern hospitals and that is should be the standard for entire Serbia.

The spouses Trifunović have provided this children's institution one million Canadian dollars, and the money is used for the renewal of the wards of immunology, metabolism with clinical genetics and gastroenterology.

Mr Lončar has said to the press that this is a good example of a responsible work and way of thinking about the patients, children and employees emphasizing that all the standards have been met.

Minister has thanked to the donors, saying that they realized that the funds will be used in the best possible manner, with no manipulations, but with concrete and visible results.

"I insist that the management of the clinic should maintain everything which has been already done, to be satisfied both those who work here and those treated here", Mr Lončar has said.

He has added that the government will continue with investment in health.
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