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Clinical Centre of Serbia in the Campaign for Rational Use of Antibiotics

Clinical Centre of Serbia, the largest and most significant healthcare institution in our country and the region, has actively joined the national Campaign for Rational Use of Antibiotics of the Ministry of Health with the aim to preserve the efficiency of antibiotics, reduce antimicrobial resistance, prevent unwanted extension of the period of diseases, reduce the rate of fatal outcomes and the total health costs for treatment.

The first concrete measures and numerous activities of the Clinical Centre of Serbia, within the Campaign for Rational Use of Antibiotics and Control of Antimicrobial Resistance, have been initiated at the Emergency Centre, having in mind the fact that this institution treats the largest number of critical patients in Serbia. Due to the nature of the basic disease and impaired immune system in these patients, the timely application of relevant antibiotic therapy is necessary, while the therapeutic selection of antibiotics for the treatment of infections, caused by the bacteria resistant to antibiotics is narrowed down.

In the library of the Emergency Centre of the Clinical Centre of Serbia, on Thursday, April 21st, there was an accredited education seminar for the staff of the Clinical Centre, one of many seminars organized twice a month with the aim to improve the work quality, improve the control of antimicrobial resistance and rational use of antibiotics. Participants of the seminar were greeted by Dr Dušan Jovanović, Head of the Emergency Centre, while Dr Olivera Jovanović, the coordinator of the component of the "Second Serbia Health Project" presented the activities of the Ministry of Health regarding the implementation of the Campaign for Rational Use of Antibiotics.

In December 2015, a multidisciplinary Team for Control of Antibiotic Use was established in the Emergency Centre, consisted of an anaesthesiologist, infectologist, microbiologist, epidemiologists, and pharmacist. This team meets twice a week and discuss the antibiotic therapy of critical patients within the consilium.  Each patient is analysed and individual therapeutic approach is recommended, based on the multidisciplinary analysis of the team members. In addition to this, the epidemiological surveillance in the Emergency Centre has been enhanced, the quality of sampling for the microbiological analysis has been raised to a higher level, which has a direct influence on obtaining the valid microbiological results.

In the upcoming period, at the level of the CCS it is planned to introduce a protocol of adequate antimicrobial prophylaxis and a good practice guide in the infection therapy, which will furnish and improve the activities against the increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. At the level of the CCS, the main and driving force, that is the multidisciplinary approach in solving the issues has also the Central Committee for Hospital Infections of the CCS.

Measures and activities implemented systematically and preventively by the Clinical Centre of Serbia as the leading health institution are the example of the good practice for all the hospitals in Serbia in achieving the national strategic objectives for rational use of antibiotics and control of antimicrobial resistance.

Implementation of the Campaign for Rational Use of Antibiotics is realized within the “Second Serbia Health Project” of the Ministry of Health, supported by the World Bank.
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