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Free dermoscopic examinations for more than 1200 people

Within the project for early detection of skin cancer "Examination for ALL, organized Eucerin Serbia and B92 Fund, with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, free dermoscopic examinations were organized yesterday and today in the centre of Belgrade, to which a big number of interested citizens have responded.

"The fact that in Serbia skin cancer, in the early phase, is detected in 20% of the patients, while in the world this percentage goes to 80%, was the main reason to initiate the action "Examination for All". Last year, our objective was to equip the largest number of state health offices with dermoscopes, and to provide a proper education to all dermatologists. This year the action was started with free examinations of skin at Republic Square, by which we definitely provided the examination to everyone. The need for dermoscopic examinations has been shown by the response of the citizens of Belgrade, but also by the fact that citizens outside of Belgrade also came to undergo the examinations at Republic Square. We are going to fully focus our attention to prevention in the next period and to raise the awareness of the general population about the importance of sun protection, regular self-checks, and visiting dermatologists on time. A special attention will be focused on education of the youngest, since the chil's skin requires special protection. By teaching the youngest about a responsible behaviour in the sun, we ensure a healthier Serbia", says Mr Peter Koyš, CEO of the company Beiersdorf Serbia, which brand is Eucerin.

"B92 Fund and Eucerin have donated 78 manual and 5 digital dermoscopes so far within the action “Examination for All”. By that, 56 clinics and dermatology offices in more than 40 cities of Serbia received this device, which is 85% of optimal coverage with devices necessary for the timely detection of melanoma. This is only the first phase, and jointly we will pursue to systematically equip healthcare institutions and raise the awareness of the population about the importance of regular examinations for early detection of diseases and successful treatment”, Ms Sandra Pajović, representative of the B92 Fund has explained.  

Free examinations at the Republic Square were performed by dermatologists from the leading dermatological institutions in Serbia, among which the members of the Expert Council of the action “Examination for All”, as well as the Association of Dermatologists of Serbia, giving their active support to this project.

On the first two days of free dermoscopic examinations within the action for early detection of skin cancer “Examination for All”, the dermatologists examined more than 50 patients per hour. “ By the end of the second day I believe we will have over 1200 people examined. In 10 to 15 per cent of the patients, suspicious changes have been detected, such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma and actinic keratosis.  In five patients melanoma was detected, but this diagnosis must be confirmed by histopathological analysis. Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, it spreads very fast and if not detected on time can be very difficult to treat in a late phase. Other types of skin cancer mentioned are also malign, and are necessary to be eliminated by a surgical intervention, but are not likely to spread and progress as fast as melanoma”, Professor Dr Lidija Kandolf Sekulović, the secretary of the intersection board for melanoma in Serbian Medical Society, member of the Executive Board of the European Association for Dermatological Oncology (EADO), Clinic for Skin and Venereal Disease, of the School of Medicine, MMA, has said, emphasizing that the patients with identified skin changes were referred to their dermatologists in order to monitor the change and undergo a surgical removal.  

Mobile office at Republic Square was visited by the Health Minister, Dr Zlatibor Lončar.
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