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Professor Zuckerman from the AKH Clinic a guest of Minister Lončar at the CCS

Clinic for Cardiac Surgery of the CCS has been visited today by the Heart Transplantation Ward of the AKH Clinic from Vienna, Mr Andreas Zuckerman, who has said that Serbia has good experts for heart transplantation, but that the reason for a small number of those operations is the lack of donors.

He has emphasised that in Austria there is a law on assumed donation, which assumes that all the citizens are organ donors, unless otherwise stated by an individual, while in Serbia the situation is the opposite.

"In Serbia all patients must sign a donor card in order to become a donor. Apart from the legal regulation, you should work on raising the awareness of the people on how important donation is, that the patients can continue to live and work normally after the transplantation", Mr Zuckerman has said.

Director of the Cardiovascular Clinic of the CCS Mr Svetozar Putnik has reminded that the amendments to the Law on Organ, Cells and Tissue Transplantation are ongoing, and that the assumed donation is included in it so that even that obstacle will be overcome.

Public discussion on the draft law is ongoing and it is expected that by autumn it will enter the assembly procedure. The amendments means that the family will still need to give the consent for taking of organs from a deceased person, irrespective to the assumed donation.

"The most important thing is to build trust between physicians, patients and family of the deceased person, which should show the highest level of humanity", Mr Putnik has said.  

He says that the objective of professor Zuckerman’s visit is the improvement of the cooperation in the field of heart transplantation and mechanically circulatory support.

Cardiac surgeons of the CCS, as he says, started the Heart Transplantation Programme again in 2013, but that the support of the experts having decades of experience in the field is precious.   

Cooperation with the physicians from the AKH Clinic will be dual, the teams from the CCS will go to Vienna, but the physicians from that clinic will come to Serbia to give lectures or to assist in a procedure to Serbian cardiac surgeons.  

Director of the CCS Mr Milika Ašanin says that it is expected that this year the installation of mechanical pumps for circulatory support started well, that two pumps have been installed in the CCS, and that the physicians from that clinic helped in the installation of another two pumps in Kamenica and Niš.

"We hope that the installation of pumps will improve. Last year we installed 21 pumps. Cooperation with the AKH Clinic is planned at the level of clinics for cardiac surgery and at the level of schools of medicine”, Mr Ašanin has said.

In two months, as he hays, a follow-up meeting is planned for a definition of plans and strategies for further development.

Professor Zuckerman will give a lecture today at the Congress of Cardiac Surgery, held in Belgrade.
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