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Campaign “The first 1000 days” for raising the birth-rate in Belgrade has been initiated

Mayor of the City of Belgrade Sini'a Mali and Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar have signed today the Protocol on Cooperation on the Campaign "The first 1000 days", which aim is to promote parenthood skills and availability of services in the first 1000 days of a child's life.

Signatory of the Protocol the City of Belgrade, Ministry of Health, Traffic Safety Agency, Clinic for Children and Young, Belgrade City Library, Association “Parent” and Association of nutritionists dietetics of preschool institutions in Serbia have jointly provided support to parents and future parents for all the services necessary for them in the early development of their children.

Mayor of the Belgrade has said that the aim of the campaign is the promotion of parenthood and solving all the issues faced by parents and that was the reason why in today's session of the Council for Children's Rights a decision was made to initiate the campaign “The first 1000 days".
  • This year and next year we want to surpass the number of children born in Belgrade last year, and that each year in the City become the year of babies. Our goal is to raise the birth-rate and encourage the young to become parents, to know about the services provided by the Ministry, the city and others. Within the campaign, the Ministry of Health will open the door of all maternity hospitals in Belgrade, so that future parents could learn about the procedures in the maternity hospitals – says the Mayor after signing the protocol in the Old Palace..

He has pointed out that it is important that all maternity hospitals in the capital should join the campaign, as well as the Traffic Safety Agency, Association “Parent”, Belgrade City Library and all the institutions which can and should provide better information and support to the parents.
  • Next week the first centres for early development will be opened in all 17 Belgrade municipalities, where parents will be able to learn, through practice, lectures and suggestions from the staff, about what they can expect in the first days of parenthood. We will print brochures about the services offered to the parents, from baby-packages, parental allowance, and maternity allowance – Mr Mali has said, thanking to all who have joined the campaign, and inviting other associations and socially responsible companies to join.

This is a great action showing that when working together, we can change things and that we do care about birth-rate, Belgrade Mayor has concluded, adding that he hopes that other local self-governments will follow the example of Belgrade.

Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar has said that this campaign is necessary, also adding that the birth-rate last year was higher than in previous years.  
  • e should all be involved in this in order to have a higher birth-rate in the years to come. Such projects help and facilitate everyone who have second thoughts and those who want to have bigger family. Next week the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics “Narodni front” will be ready to receive all the interested potential parents who can come and inform themselves from doctors, medical staff, and midwives on the procedures in maternity hospitals – Minister Lončar has said, also adding that this example will be copied in other clinics as well.   

He has said that the food in maternity hospitals has been better, that epidural is now free, while the ability for parents to collect all the documents in the maternity hospital is ongoing. Mr Lončar has pointed out that there are no waiting lists for IVF after signing the contract with private clinics.

Signing was attended by the Assistant Mayor Irena Vujović, secretary for social care Nataša Stanisavljević and Deputy secretary for health Aleksandar Stefoski. 
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