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Minister Lončar has visited General Hospital in Čačak

Construction works on the internal ward of the hospital in Čačak should be started next week, and then, also on other wards as well, says Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar, while visiting this healthcare institution.

"I think there are conditions for making the hospital in Čačak meet the expectations, and today we saw that it has all the capacities and all prerequisites to become one serious hospital so that people from Čačak will not have to go somewhere else for treatment, but be treated in Čačak”, Mr Lončar has said.

He says that it has been agreed in the meeting with the management of the hospital that new specializations will be approved, as well as new employment.

"It is not realistic that you will get new specialists in a month, or two, since it requires a couple of years. In the meantime people from Belgrade will be coming in order to avoid the waste of time and they will perform the most complex surgical and diagnostic procedures”, Mr Lončar has explained.

Mr Lončar thinks that the construction work on the hospital will require the assistance of the citizens as well, but also the assistance of the entrepreneurs, and all those who gravitate towards this hospital.

"I expect and think that it is certain, there will be no obstacles and that the hospital will be a place where good things happen”, Mr Lončar has said.

According to his words, five million dinars have been allocated from the budget of the Republic of Serbia in order to initiate the reconstruction of the internal ward.

"You will have the support by the Ministry and all those whose assistance is required to complete this internal ward, gynaecology, to make the intensive care get new beds, to finish the exterior and everything which at this moment requires works and changes”, Mr Lončar has emphasised.

He says that visits, even those unexpected will take place in the future.

Acting director of the hospital Mr Radoslav Milošević, has said that the works on the internal ward include the recovery of sanitary blocks, painting of the entire ward and doing everything to increase the comfort of the patients.  

Todorović: Restore the old glory of the hospital.  

Candidate of the Serbian Progressive Party for the mayor of Čačak, Mr Milun Todorović, who has visited the hospital with Mr Lončar, has said that this healthcare institution will restore its glory it used to have 20 or 30 years ago, and expressing his hope that the waiting lists won’t be an issue in the near future.

The idea is to have a better and quality treatment now and in the future, but it is necessary to put our all efforts and energy as a city, and as the ministry, to provide treatment of our citizens. It is necessary to educate our new staff”, Mr Todorović has concluded.
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