Contract No. RS-SSHP-8338YF-G-DC-20-1.1.27.C

Small Assignment Contract Award

Project: P129539-Second Serbia Health Project
Loan/Credit/TF Info: IBRD-83380
Bid/Contract Reference No: RS-SSHP-8338YF-G-DC-20-1.1.27.C
Procurement Method: DIR-Direct Selection
Scope of Contract: Development of e-Clinical Pathways and their Integration in the Health Information System in Secondary and Tertiary Health Care Institutions included in DRG Project
Notice Version No: 0


Contract Signature Date

Duration of Contract

9 Month(s)

Awarded Firm/Individual:

SRC INFONET D.O.O (518059)
Cesta na Okroglo 7 4202 Naklo
Country: Slovenia

Signed Contract price
EUR 24,120.00